about sarah arnett

In the last five years, Sarah Arnett has moved her signature style of elegant beauty into areas outside the fashion industry. she has unleashed her remarkable talent to explore a broader creative process. Sitting alongside her successful Modern Love brand, her portfolio now includes interior design, public space commissions, packaging and of course, illustration.

Sarah has traveled extensively following a childhood filled with exploration in Zimbabwe. Unsurprisingly, it is this chapter of her life that has the most profound influence on her work, life and outlook. After graduating from the University of Brighton with a degree in woven textiles, she moved to India for an adventure that and immersed Sarah in the indulgence of colour and pattern, feeding her passion for a taste of the exotic. On returning to she moved seamlessly into the luxury fashion trade, creating a successful brand with a signature style founded on her unique way of applying her drawings to fashion. The results have resulted in collections and designs  for  high-end stores worldwide.

Sarah’s compositions evidence her obsession with colour and draw on a diverse array of experiences. Sarah re-imagines fantastical landscapes to create a remarkable illustrative narrative. From her formative years in Africa to a life by the Regency English seaside have given Sarah a unique set of influences to draw from. Along with a love of the bygone world, of botany and film, a life filled with adventure and travel have combined to inform her notable style. Ultimately, Sarah’s work allows us to escape to an unknown paradise to leaves us filled with the sense and pleasure of elegant indulgence.