Four Muses

Four Muses

Illustrations For Adventures in Digital Exhibition

Visitors are invited to enter the heart of the process of creating. Sarah Arnett and Kim Hunt, of the British design studio Modern Love, define themselves as “digital settlers”, as applied to a person born and instructed in a non-digital world, but who integrates the use of technologies in their work.. The year-long exhibition aims to experiment the possible relations between traditional craft work and digital technologies in the fields of textiles and fashion.

The exhibition begins with the designer’s studio which presents different hand-crafted elements and digital productions: inspirational board, digital prints, sketches and patrons, either physically or virtually present. The following section presents a selection of fashion pieces issued from the spring-summer 2015 Modern Love collection, associated with photo shoots. The final section offers an interactive space in which visitors can follow or participate on the exhibition blog, touch textile samplers or become apprentice textile designers and publish their creations on the blog.

In collaboration with Kim Hunt our latest Modern Love project is titled “Adventures in Digital”

and runs from Jan 2015 until the end of the year at the

Cite internationale de la dentelle et de la mode, Calais,France.

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Racheal _ Blade Runner:Modern Love:Sarah Arnett 200 x130

Sean Young – Blade Runner

Su Li-zhen:in the mood for love:Modern Love:Sarah Arnett 200 x130

Su Li-zhen – In The Mood For Love

Orlando:Modern Love:Sarah Arnett 200 x130

Tilda Swinton – Orlando

ANNA-MAY Wong:Modern Love:Sarah Arnett 200 x130

Anna-May Wong – The Thief of Baghdad


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