A Concrete Collaboration…

Oh how I do love a collaboration…its so exciting to work with a company who takes your work and treats it with such delicacy and craft and delivers¬† back something so breathtakingly beautiful.

I love color…color is it, color is everything, color is my work. I got the chance to change the color thing into light, dark ,shade and textures with this project and I am so excited. These are just the first experiments…I have a whole list of ideas I would like to try and products to develop.

Below is some information on the company:


Graphic Relief Ltd. is a company with imagination at its heart. We have developed a technologf or manufacturing moulds with very fine surface detail. Our proprietary technology can be used to create a wide range of surface designs, textures and graphic effects, including photo-qualityimages. The applications of our technology include building facades, exterior cladding,concrete walls, floor and wall tiles.
We can produce photo-quality images in sizes up to 2 x 1.3 metres.
Our technology and image processing techniques enable high-resolution details to be cast into the surface of the chosen material. This allows us to engineer surfaces, combining both texture and shadow to create spectacular results.

We are a company with an ambition to provide detailed engineered surfaces across a variety of industry sectors. Our core markets are architects, interior designers and suppliers of cladding and building products to the construction industry. There is also great potential in what we can do for artists, photographers and illustrators, as well as a number of different retail applications. Architects and Interior Designers
Working with third-party suppliers, we provide moulded concrete solutions for interior and exterior use.We can supply original or bespoke artwork for projects.Supliers of cladding and bespoke moulded products We will work with you to develop new products using our specialist moulding technology and expertise.Artists , photograp hers and ilustrators We provide a new medium for artwork and can supply bespoke products manufactured using our proprietary moulding technology. We are developing relationships with artists of all kinds who would like to make their work available to a wider audience through image licensing.

We provide retailers with a new kind of artwork, wall mounted concrete panels in different sizes are available to order. Choose designs from our growing image database, create something to specification,or work in collaboration with artists, designers and photographers.

Our technology has a variety of uses, from the cladding of building exteriors to one-off art projects. We are currently developing relationships with a range of different industry sectors so that we can work effectively on large scale building projects, as well as developing the technical expertise that will allow us to work closely with artists and designers in the reproduction of their work.

Graphic Relief Ltd. combines the talents of designer Eric Barrett
with the manufacturing expertise of Mark Dale. Between them
they have over three decades of experience in the design industry,
advanced manufacturing techniques and project management.

A 35 Kingsland Road
E2 8AA
T +44 (0) 207 749 3773
E info@graphicrelief.co.uk

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