Lace Effects

I am very pleased to tell you some of my designs for Modern Love will be exhibited along with illustrations at this forth coming exhibition in Calais.

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From October 6th, 2013 to May 18th, 2014, the International Centre for Lace and Fashion is turning the spotlight on contemporary creation, with a new exhibition entitled Lace Effects 1. This exhibition presents textile, fashion and design creations inspired by the theme of lace.

Today, designers and the public at large are united by a renewed interest in the possibilities of textiles. Since the 1990s there has been an explosion in interdisciplinary creations combining elements of different art forms, and drawing inspiration from the delicate intricacy of the “lace effect”. Lace is no longer considered old-fashioned and suitable only for making clothes or curtains, it is back at the cutting edge of design!Lace Effects 1

The works on display in Calais were selected from the responses to a call for projects aimed at established professionals, young, up-and-coming designers and students, and transmitted through the network of European partners: Campus TIO3 (Ronse, Belgium), the University for the Creative Arts (Rochester, England), the Plymouth College of Art (Plymouth, England) and the International Centre for Lace and Fashion (Calais, France).

This call for projects was very successful, with more than 70 proposals submitted. The jury was composed of members of the Crysalis project. Together they selected around 40 pieces, which will be presented in two successive exhibitions. From October 6th, 2013 to May 18th, 2014, Lace Effects 1 will feature the work of 20 artists who offer a new perspective on lace, with works inspired by the traditions of fashion and haute couture. Lace Effects 2, scheduled for May 25th to December 7th, 2014, will unite works which directly question the traditional hand-made lace techniques through multidisciplinary responses.The artists Lace Effects 1

Brigitte AMARGER / Sarah ARNETT / Evelyn BENNETT and Chris RUTTER / Neil BOTTLE / Toni BURNS Karen CASPER / Lieve DEKEYSER / Maghalie DOOMSJules FINDLEY / Nicola FLOWER / Shelly GOLDSMITH Claire JACKSON / Nathalie JORET / Fabrice LANGLADE Charlotte LLYOD / Adeline MEILLIEZ / Charlie MORTLEY Josie OWUSU-AMANXRAH / Lara WAGHORN / Janice WEBB / Hannah WHITE / Cherice WILKINS

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 17.56.12Gambling Lace Dress –  Digital print on Silk Crepe Satin Sarah Arnett 2013

All of these artists have reinterpreted traditional lace in their own way, playing with simplicity and complexity, space, transparency, concealing and revealing, intricate patterns etc. 3D digital printing, tapestry, embroidery, sculpture, drawing, sewing, and knitting: all of these techniques and more are used to illustrate the multifaceted nature of lace and open up new aesthetic and functional perspectives.

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